Sunday, 29 January 2012

Match two pictures in Photoshop

          Match two pictures in Photoshop
Now we can match a picture to its background images in Photoshop 
1)      Open the background picture (file->open)
2)      Create a new layer(layer->new layer)
       Then cut the picture which you want to match and paste it in the newly created layer (photo of a person 
or   an animal)
4)      Save it in (eg:-merge.psd) .psd format
5)      Then select match color(image->adjustment->match color)
Then appear a new window having various sliders 
6)      Select source as merge.psd(which we created early)
7)      And select layer as merged
And adjust sliders
And un check the neutralize box
Then adjust flad as 10 , color intensity as 100 and luminance as 80
8)      After done click ok
9)      Then you can see the matched image
10  Then save it as jpeg format

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