Sunday, 13 May 2012

Simple way for Morphing in Photoshop

Simple way for Morphing in Photoshop 
Many methods are  used in Photoshop to morph ,hear  is a simple and effective technique for morphing in Photoshop , any starter in Photoshop can  easily do this .

Do the following steps
1)first open the photos in Photoshop (hear I take images of mammootty & mohan lal)
2)now I am going to change mohanlal to mammootty(you can use any images) 

3)Select the picture of mammootty using rectangle marquee tool ,and copy it
4)and create a new layer (layer -> new layer) in mohan lals image and paste the early copied image   
5)Then adjust the picture(flip, rotate, scale ,……..)  
6)Then  select blending options by right clicking on the new layer ,which we created early
7)Then adjust the opacity as 42% now wean see both two images

8)Then erase the useless parts using eraser tool(it is better to take a smooth point to erase )
9) Then adjust the opacity as 100%
10)now we can see a morphed image
11)To make the image effective adjust its brightness and contrast (Image->Adjustments
The resulted image is below, try this in different images

Use morphing for +ve activities   


  1. sambhavam kidilan

  2. ugran, ini ith poolullath vallom undo maashe...............

  3. ഒരു വീഡിയോ കുടീ എടാമോ??

  4. Very good.
    I liked very much.
    I learn t much from this article.



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