Thursday, 30 August 2012

Glowing text in Photoshop

Glowing text in Photoshop

There are many possibilities in Photoshop to create a text  attractive . here I describe a different style from them
1)First you need to create a new Photoshop file with size 1024*768 pixel (you can  prefer  your own size)
2)Set the foreground color as red (light or dark) ,and background color as dark black then you got a figure like this
3)then take a duplicate layer of the layer  ,then do the following steps(not nessory )
         Set background color as white an foreground color as black Filter->render->clouds
         Filter->sketch->chrome  , set the blending mode of new layer as color overlay
         Apply gosian blur  to the cloud layer  then merge cloud layer and gradient
Then you got an image like this

 4)This step is an important one create a new layer and name it as “glow”, then draw a line using the pen tool
5)then select the paint brush tool and select a small hard brush (thickness :4, color: white)
6)then select the pen tool and select” stroke path” by right click on the created line. Then select Brush from the                appearing drop down menu
7)Then select the blending options of the glow layer
     Then check drop shadow
Then set Blending mode: color, color:#fed32f,opacity:100%,angle:120,check use global light,distance:0,spread:0,size:6 
    Check outer glow
                Blending mode: screen ,color: yellowish golden color  ,opacity:75% ,noice:0 ,technique: softer ,spread:0 
                Size;25 ,range;50 ,jitter:0
   Now press ok
8)Now you got an image like this

9)copy the glow layer And paste it  6 times.  Arrange it as the above figure. The glowing effect is only appear for the  first layer
10) Copy the layer style by right clicking in that layer .  and paste it in the other layers then glow will appear to all layers
11)Then create a text layer and type Your name . paste the above layer style here and adjust the text in screen   

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